Wednesday, 8 October 2014

Windoze 10: a preview

I'm still really bad at blogging. I have as many as four posts in queue at a time. Life is complicated.

So I downloaded the Windows 10 Preview and decided to mess around with it in VMware.

Tl;dr it took only ten minutes to install and it's not too interesting yet besides the new! Start Menu.
Carryover from Windows 8 installation.
Microsoft still want you to tell them about everything you do on your Windows.
They're so desperate that they make it as difficult as possible for you to create a local account.
VMware Tools does in fact work without a hitch.
Making sure the reborn Start Menu is enabled.
This is when it dawned on me that I should probably change the theme from the default, you know, personalise it a bit.
Successfully installed my custom-built (on Windows 8) Firefox 64-bit.
Installing 7-zip.
I guess Microsoft trimmed the window borders a bit, but they didn't finish the job just yet.
With the above screenshot, Microsoft just made it impossible via Task Scheduler to disable background system maintenance, which I've found (at least in my Windows 8 VMware instance) to reduce performance significantly by eating disk I/O. I guess since system maintenance includes automatic updates, it might be a good thing to leave it on for now.

Day two of testing had me installing and using some more stuff I used in previous Windows versions.
Blasting music in Windows Media Player 12 and reading my statistics textbook in Adobe Reader Touch.
Quite frankly, one major reason why I still occasionally boot into my Windows virtual machines is Windows Media Player. It simply puts every media player/organiser (so VLC is not in this set of software) I've used on Linux to shame. You just can't get those SRS WOW effects anywhere else.
Scrolling via the wheel now works almost as well as GTK+ ever has. Which means point in the box to scroll and it'll scroll without clicking in it beforehand. Yus!
I neglected to mention this at first, but what the hell are those check boxes that appear when selecting a Windows Shell icon supposed to mean? Oh, I guess in a list-like view it makes selecting multiple items easier than holding Ctrl whilst clicking each item. But it just looks totally stupid in large icons, which I usually have set as default (an old Windows 95 habit/tradition of mine).

That's all for now; the fact that I can post this means that Windows 10 hasn't burnt my virtual machine down yet.

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