Friday, 5 March 2010

Webcamgate, episode one, part two

Mike Perbix is out.

About time, too. It is simply way too tempting to mess around with something you take great pride in while also having so much power in your hands. Guess Dilbert has a point…

In other complications, it finally mentions if the computer is a loaner or not. According to the article, it is, but until the computer name is disclosed, the fact cannot be confirmed. Also in the air is whether the student paid a US$55 insurance fee required to take the computer off-campus.

Here's the fishy thing: the student was disciplined for something completely unrelated to computer theft. If the assistant principal disciplined the student on the grounds of an uninsured computer going off-campus, this controversy would have never happened at all. However, because the assistant principal decided to bring up a possible behaviour issue on the student's part while at home, there's your privacy allegation.

Even at this stage of the case, both sides can be at fault. Interpret at your own risk.

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