Monday, 8 March 2010

Apple is going crazy...again

First the iPad; now the iKey?

Read the title of this post. Let it seep in for a moment.

The iPad is essentially a blown-up version of the iPhone or iPod touch with less features. The iKey, as described in the Slashdot article, will allow users to wave their portable electronic device over a receiver-like thing on their door or other unlockable item, which will then unlock after a PIN or some other passkey has been entered. It seems that the same device will be able to unlock anything a user sets up with it, thus reducing the amount of keys you carry.

Sounds good in theory, but when you put in all of the possible attacks, interference, no electrical current and other problems into play, you may have a nightmare. And then add in the patents Apple are applying for.

Yes, patents. Please don't make me discuss them, especially in the context of computers and software. Patents are so evil that they make me sore from talking about them for over two minutes.

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